ISO 20022 Hackathon

503 Registered Allowed team size: 2 - 10
503 Registered Allowed team size: 2 - 10

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starts on:
Mar 11, 2021, 04:00 PM ()
ends on:
Mar 20, 2021, 07:00 AM ()

Submission Tips

1. Deadline

The deadline for submission is Friday 19 March at 23:59 Eastern Time (i.e. midnight in New York - see this in your time zone.)

2. Reserve time for winners' presentation

Winning teams will be informed on Tuesday 23 March, around 10am Singapore time, by email and text message to the team leader.

Winning teams will need to be ready to pre-record their pitch within either of their following time slots:

  • Tuesday 23 April at 18:00-22:00 Singapore (11:00-15:00 CET; 06:00-10:00 ET)
  • Wednesday 24 April at 07:00-09:00 Singapore (Tuesday 23rd at 19:00-21:00 ET)

Winning teams will present a 4-minute pitch at the BIS Innovation Summit. The session will be broadcast on Thursday 25 March at 11:35 Singapore time (see in your time zone). The session will then be restreamed later in the day, at 11:35am in CET, ET and PT timezones.

3. What you can submit

You can submit:

  • A video of maximum 3 minutes OR
  • A presentation (PDF or Powerpoint) of maximum 10 slides

There is also space for you to write a brief description or "elevator pitch".

Note: It's best to stick within the limits above. If you go over, judges may only watch the first 3 minutes or review the first 10 slides.

The form will allow you to submit both a video and a powerpoint, but the judges may choose to only look at one of the two.

3. What are judges looking for?

The table below shows the key criteria for judges, and some useful prompts that you may want to address in your submission:

Judging Criteria: (1) Taking full advantage of ISO 20022 & APIs. (2) Impact of the solution if it were widely applied in payments. (3) Innovativeness of the solution. (4) Overall quality of the solution (View full size)

4. Structure of your submission

You can structure your video or demo however you like, but to make it easy for judges to see key information you may want to follow this structure:

  1. What is the pain point or problem in payments that you are addressing?
  2. How did you use ISO 20022 and APIs in your solution? (Give technical details and show a sample)
  3. What challenges did you come across in implementing ISO 20022 and APIs? How did you overcome them? If you coudn't overcome them, what change is needed by the industry to overcome them?
  4. What were the benefits from your solution? Who benefits?
  5. What impact would your solution have if it was adopted across the financial system?
  6. A little about your team

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